What to do if Your Memories Hold You Back

For many people, what they remember – what they call their history – seems to be what holds them back from creating the life they want.

The good news is, current cutting edge neuroscience gives us clues as to what to do – so your memories and your history lose their power over your life. Because, every time you access a memory – it changes.

  • “Every time you access a memory – it changes.” – Mr Twenty Twenty

Think of it this way, when you take a memory “off the shelf”, let it have your attention – and alter your behavior – and then put it back – it changes. Next time you go to access it, you aren’t accessing the same memory – you are accessing the most RECENT version of it – what you put back on the shelf – and yes – guaranteed – it has been altered.

  • What most people don’t do is consciously direct HOW that memory is altered – and that is why they have little control over how their memories impact their life today.

So what can you do? You can REVISE – you can alter your memories ANY WAY you want to – intentionally. Do this, and you will stop retraumatizing yourself, and you will stop repeating the same old cycles in your life.

  • “My conclusion is that memory is what you are now.  Not in pictures, not in recordings. Your memory is who you are now.” So if we tell our stories differently, the emotions that are elicited will also differ. An altered story is also an altered interior life. – Daniela Schiller – Neuroscientist

Have fun!

Mr Twenty Twenty
Founder of NeuroManifesting – Where neurological science and manifesting meet.

Mr Twenty Twenty freed his mind from the downward spiral of PTSD in his life, and helps others reclaim the gift of life using insights from his work in NLP and neuroscience. You can email him at 2020@exhostage.com


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