Neville Goddard and NeuroManifesting

Often experts have problems teaching what they do naturally, because they aren’t FULLY aware of ALL that they do -when they do what they are best at.  Often key elements are missing from their teachings and methods because these key elements are such a part of their way of being.

For example, Neville Goddard (author of many best sellers like FEELING IS THE SECRET) who many consider the Godfather of LOA was an amazing stage performer, and  dancer.  He had amazing abilities developed during his dance career that enabled him to be an amazing manifestor.  Those included being able to watch someone move, instantly model and feel the state they were in, and duplicate that movement and state.

Other abilities that he developed early on in life included being able to quickly and easily enter into the APHA / THETA states of mind, where healing and creativity occur.

If you attempt to use this methods – without developing those skillsets – you will be frustrated in your attempts to duplicate his results.  This is why we developed training modules to help you develop those skills.  They can be found on the site.

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